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How can I get more involved with the OPA?

Attending a Board of Directors meeting held the second Monday of the month from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. in Oklahoma City would be a great way to get introduced to the activities being undertaken by OPA.  Signing up to be “mentored” by an OPA Board Member for a year would be a second strategy.  Volunteering for one of OPA’s active committees would be a third way to “fit in” and a list of the chairpersons is available on this website.  Feel free to call or to e-mail the President of OPA to express your interests in participating in the organization. Three different divisions exist in OPA, the Division for Research and Training (DRAT), the Division of Health Service Providers (HSP) and the Division of Prescriptive Authority (RxP), and members are invited to become active in one or more of these divisions.


Here are ways to get involved:


DIVISION FOR RESEARCH AND TRAINING (DRAT):  This Division, previously called the Division of Academic and Research Psychologists, is dedicated to meeting the needs of psychologists and students in Oklahoma who are interested in research and training.  The Division works with the program chair and the Student Division to provide presentations on research and training issues at the annual convention.  The Division also chooses the winner of the Oscar Parsons award, given to a young researcher in Oklahoma who is making significant contributions to the field.  Both Full Members and Associates may hold office and vote within the Division.  The Division represents the needs and voice of undergraduates on the OPA Board.


DIVISION OF HEALTH SERVICE PROVIDERS (HSP): Organized expressly to serve the needs and interests of those psychologists engaged in providing psychological health services to the citizens of Oklahoma.  Its objectives are to advance psychology as a health profession and as a means of promoting human welfare through encouraging and supporting the highest standards of professional practice; by the advancement of psychological knowledge in clinical research, educational and other public settings; and by advocacy for professional psychology in health care, business, legal and governmental forums.  Only Full Members of OPA may vote or hold office within this Division.


DIVISION OF PRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITY (RxP):  This division was founded in 2004 solely to advance the concept of prescriptive authority for properly trained psychologists.  The Division helps develop fund-raisers, legislation and educational programs on RxP which are then implemented by the OPA Board of Directors, Legislative Committee, etc.  Only Full Members of OPA may vote or hold office within this Division.


DIVISION OF DIVERSITY: This division was founded in 2016 to advance the culturally competent practice of psychology which addresses a wide range of diversity issues.  The division also works to increase recruitment, retention, and participation of members from diverse backgrounds and provide outreach, resources, and ongoing education around diversity and inclusion to communities throughout Oklahoma, graduate students, and developing professionals. 


EARLY CAREER PSYCHOLOGISTS (ECP): This group is for those in their first year of practice.  We have established a new ECP Llst Serv this year (2018).  If you are interested in being a part of this group, contact us today!  


MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: This committee is organized to retain and recruit members of OPA.  The committee reviews all new members and works with the Board to implement new benefits and services for members and those that we are recruiting to join.  




American Psychological Association 

   Council Representative

   Federal Advocacy Coordinator

Behavioral Health Advisory Board of ODMHSAS

Child Death Review Board

Medical Advisory Committee of Ok Health Dept.

Oklahoma State Board of Examiners of Psychologist

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services


Note:  All positions are expected to report frequently to OPA Board and/or membership either in person or written report.  Please review the Consent to Serve (DRAFT) Form.  This form is updated for each position we are nominating at the time the nomination process begins.  Consent to Serve Form 2018.pdf





The Oklahoma Psychological Association’s mission is to promote human welfare
in Oklahoma by advancing psychology as a science and profession.



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